Colorado's BEST Family Entertainment!!

Award-Winning Corporate Entertainment!

The GERM-BUSTING Educational Magic Show!! 


Fight the spread of the Corona virus, Flu and Colds in your facility!!

This is the PERFECT Assembly to teach children the proper habits to limit the spread of germs in your facility and our community! 

Germ-busting "Doctor" Black is a silly magician who blends solid education on fighting the spread of germs with a fun, interactive magic show for all ages!

  • A fun-filled, interactive, motivational program that demonstrates to children good health habits to prevent spreading germs that cause flu and colds!
  • Teaches children how to avoid the flu and colds through proper hygiene and nutrition!
  • Makes kids excited to continue the health habits that you and I teach them!
  • This is the perfect program to teach, reinforce and encourage clean habits that will help prevent illnesses in your facility!
  • Children will share the magic and experience the wonder during this educational mix of fun and illusion!

Part Magic...Part Education...Part Comedy…Pure DELIGHT!


Award-winning Magician Bruce Black


Germ-Busting "Doctor" Black!!